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HSK Orphange – Sameta Village, Kissi

In our 10 years of working in Kenya, we have built an orphanage as an where we temporarily house orphans and displaced children while we secure a guardian family willing to invite them to be part of their family and we can continue to support them in their guardian family.

Our guardian family selection process is heavily dependent on financial resources to organise screening events, induction, placement, the ongoing support and supervision for suitable and willing families.

We encourage a monthly donation towards this ongoing project.

Economic Empowerment

We organise basic economic and financial training for local people in different parts of the world by helping them to source for raw materials and manpower in other start small businesses within their locality. We also help to source for start-up capital in some cases to help viable investments get off the ground and become self-sufficient.

We are working on connecting the Akagushi people in the South Nyanza province of Kenya to the internet. This means building an IT infrastructure. Our starting point is setting up internet café.

We need modern computers, monitors, laptops, multifunction printers and more. We welcome donations of IT related equipment and smartphones.

Training & Coaching

Improving the general literacy of the Akagushi people is a fundamental element of our economic empowerment programmes. We have found coaching and mentoring programmes to be quite effective.

We are keen to have volunteers visit and deliver short courses on IT, media, communication, money management, project management and more. We organise trips short team trips to Kenya to facilitate this. If you are interested, we would like to hear from you. Email us at enquiries@harvestsprings.org.

Infrastructure Building

Our longer-term aim is to build an educational facility, dispensary, a business district and hospital for the Akagushi people as a hub for the remote places beyond Kisii town.

We are constantly in need of strategic executives, operations executives, project managers and other professionals to join our team of volunteers to help make this vision a reality. If you can spare some hours in a month, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at enquiries@harvestsprings.org


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