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Economic Empowerment

HarvestSprings Kenya currently facilitates the relief of financial hardship among people in rural Kenya, especially displaced and orphaned children. Our vision and passion is to build a sustainable structure that provides life basic needs and foster development. We do this by providing accommodation, clean drinkable water, food, clothing, recreation, and medical aid.

We also facilitate sustainable wealth and maintenance of developed infrastructure through training, coaching and education. We are in Northern Kenya, working among the Akagushi people where it is challenging for the people to feed themselves; have basic shelter and health facilities. The Akagushi region has one of the highest mortality rates in Kenya.

We secured farmlands and helped them to start a mechanised farm to grow staple foods like corn, yam, potatoes and tea. Our aim is to build enough capacity that will allow them to feed from the farm produce and also sell surplus produce to government agencies, local manufacturing companies and even as exports to foreign countries.

We’ve set up a diary farm for this group of people by building barns and shelters to rear cows, goats, pigs and chickens. We have managed to build a hut to accommodate 2 cows and purchase a cow for them.

Our vision for them is to be able to help others in the community by providing jobs for people as this investment grows.

The Children Centre

We cater for orphaned and displaced children aged 2 to 18 years, to help them live a wholesome life. We are committed to the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical well-being of these children, so that they too can live and grow into adulthood in love, dignity and care. We are achieving this by addressing the following areas;

Subsistence: We provide free daily meals by employing cooks, buying liquid paraffin and other cooking condiments. We lease farm lands through which we cultivate raw produce which supplies the centre’s food. We purchased three cows that supply the children fresh milk. We dug a well that supplies drinkable water.

Shelter: We currently accommodate 40 children. Each room currently sleeps around 13 children sharing 3 bunks beds and floor mats. We also provide mattresses, pillows, bed spreads and mosquito nets. The children currently have their baths in the open and shares the 2 make shift toilets.

Clothing: We supply clothes, shoes and school uniforms.

Education: We currently pay the children’s school fees and examination fees. We also provide for their stationary needs, including textbooks and story books.

Recreation: We encourage recreation and sports by providing football, netball, basketball, bean bags, games and toys.

Pastoral Care: We have a team of people including paid staff and volunteers who mentors and coach the children, with teenagers benefitting particularly from crucial life orientation topics, which set them on the right path to a wholesome and healthy life.

Social Development: We organise periodic excursions to widen the children’s social development. We also organise festive parties including Christmas parties.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.